Friday, July 10, 2009

Five New Tomatoes Harvested!

And today's bountiful harvest includes 33 Red Currant, 12 Red Grape, 11 Sweet Olive, 11 SunSugar, 10 Yellow Perfection, 9 back yard Garden Peach, 8 Snow White, 6 White Currant, 4 Jaune Coeur de Pigeon, 3 Amazon Chocolate (9.5 ounces, 10 ounces, 10 ounces), 3 back yard Paul Robeson (8.5 ounces, 6 ounces), 3 front yard Paul Robeson, 3 Mong (8 ounces, 10.5 ounces), 3 front yard Husky Cherry Red (new, and a surprise), 3 Babywine (new, and a surprise), 2 Black Zebra (new), 2 Italian Ice, 2 Jeff Davis, 2 Turkish Striped Monastery, 2 Green Grape (new), a back yard Speckled Roman (more end rot), Plum Tigris, Sweet 100, Black Cherry, a front yard Garden Peach, Tiger Paw and German Orange Strawberry (new) for a total of 139 tomatoes.

My wife started watering the front yard tomato plants on Wednesday and finished yesterday. I picked up some of the watering and was near Husky Cherry Red and surprise, there was a very ripe tomato on it. This morning when I went in to harvest it I took a look at Babywine and hey, there's more!

The harvested Black Zebras do not look good and will probably be thrown away. I don't know what happened to this plant but it certainly wasn't good.

My wife really liked the look of German Orange Strawberry.

Aunt Ruby's German Green looks like there's a tomato or two ripening, but it's a little hard to tell between sunscalding versus actual maturity.

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