Saturday, July 11, 2009

Harvested Oaxacan Jewel

This morning's harvest includes 34 Red Currant, 14 Red Grape, 11 Sweet Olive, 9 Yellow Perfection, 9 Snow White, 8 SunSugar, 6 back yard Garden Peach, 6 back yard Paul Robeson (one 6 ounces), 4 Jaune Coeur de Pigeon, 2 front yard Garden Peach, 2 Babywine, 2 White Currant, 2 Italian Ice, 2 Sweet 100, 2 Oaxacan Jewel (New! 10 ounces and 12 ounces), Cherokee Purple, Mong (13 ounces), a front yard Paul Robeson, Mexico, Husky Gold, German Orange Strawberry, Speckled Roman (again with blossom end rot), Turkish Striped Monastery and Amazon Chocolate (8 ounces) for a total of 122 tomatoes.

My wife prepared some garlic bread, sliced mozzarella cheese and tomato slices for a light and healthy meal. We had six different tomatoes, ones we hadn't tried before.

Our opinions on the taste of the new tomatoes pretty much matched. Both our favorite in this group was German Orange Strawberry. Overall, this tomato is our second favorite of the season, behind the back yard Paul Robeson tomato.

Next in line was Tiger Paw. The taste of Tiger Paw is a little hard to describe. It certainly doesn't taste like a classic tomato. It tastes “limey”, for lack of a better description. Don't let that turn you off. The skin was very thin. We both liked it a lot.

We agreed that we didn't like Cour de Bue. But the reasons for disliking it were due to the fact it was overripe. We tried another piece this evening, more in the center of the tomato and we both liked it.

We tried Orange Blossom and liked it. Quedlinburger Freuhe Liebe was good. We tried Mexico and liked it but we didn't find it memorable, at least as of yet.

At a separate time we tried both Green Grape and Black Cherry and really liked it. We tried Husky Cherry Red and fell in love with the tomato all over again. Husky Cherry Red has a classic tomato taste, no surprises.

My wife worked hard during the afternoon making tomato sauce. An hour of preparatory work and 3.5 hours of simmering to reduce it down. We had this sauce over pasta this evening and it was very very good. I'll post a picture of the sauce shortly.

I worked out for a little over an hour at the gym this afternoon, came home and continued painting the patio cover. I hope to have the first coat of paint finished by tomorrow.

My wife caught our Manchester Terrier with a ripe Yellow Perfection. Fortunately the skin wasn't broken. I'll add it to tomorrow's totals.

We should have an Aunt Ruby's German Green and Black From Tula in tomorrow's harvest.

Our totals may actually head down for a bit because some of the container plants are beginning to look exhausted.

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