Friday, June 19, 2009

Replanted Marz Round Green!

We put Marz Round Green in the front yard yesterday evening. Apparently the plant immediately went into shock but after watering it was fine. I looked at it again this morning and all is well.

I'll be surprised if we see any tomatoes on this plant as it's so late in the season.

For those just joining in, Marz Round Green was planted in the back yard. It didn't grow. After a few weeks we replaced the plant with another and just for the heck of it we decided to put it in a pot as opposed to simply throwing it out. At that point I pretty much forgot about it.

Liz and Ricardo came over for the first of several visits to work on the patio frame. To make the frame, we had to move all the potted plants near the back of the house, including Marz Round Green. At that point this tomato plant was the same height as when it was originally planted in the ground. This pot was moved south and again forgotten...until one day, hey! Marz Round Green is growing! And it continued to grow.

It wouldn't surprise me for this plant to continue to grow and become full size but whether or not it produces tomatoes is another story. It'll probably be too hot for fruit to set on the branches. But we'll try!

Two years ago yesterday we harvested 52 tomatoes among seven plants. Coincidentally, last year we harvested 52 tomatoes among three plants (46 of them were tiny Red Currants). Yesterday we planted a tomato.

Speaking of tomatoes, Early Annie and the first Green Zebra have new tomatoes. We have only three plants missing tomatoes and one of them was planted yesterday. Things are looking good!

Yesterday our harvest consisted of 2 Sweet 100, 2 Yellow Perfection, Sweet Olive, Red Grape and SunSugar tomatoes, for a total of 7 tomatoes among 5 plants. That will give you an idea as to how far we lag behind the prior years and last year was a bad year.

We also picked about a four ounce Cherokee Purple but I think it wasn't quite ripe enough to be included in yesterday's totals. That tomato will be added to today's harvest.

It is my hope that we've traded June tomatoes for August tomatoes – but time will tell.

My wife finished watering the front yard.

I did more tomato taping in the “koi pond” this morning.

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