Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Harvested First Front Yard Tomato!

We harvested our first front yard tomato at lunch yesterday, Jaune Flamme! This is also the first non-container tomato harvested this year. Also harvested yesterday were 4 Sweet Olive and 2 SunSugar tomatoes. My wife claims that one of the SunSugar tomatoes made it into the dinner salad but I never saw it.

I forgot to mention that Red Grape (previously misidentified as Red Cherry – on line documents and blog has been fixed) has at least two tomatoes maturing. There are hundreds of tomatoes on the vines so I hope they're good!

Last night I began working on the “koi pond”, cutting away low vines and using tomato tape where needed. Snow White needed a lot of work to control the growing vines and I was only partially successful. The downside of putting plants inside a wire fence like we have it is that it's tough to maneuver inside the fence without stepping on things you shouldn't.

I got through about half of the tomatoes. My wife said she'd take care of the “moats” but if I get through the rest of the tomatoes in the “koi pond”, I'll do it.

I need more six foot stakes. The trouble is...they're somewhat expensive. But we need them now and we'll need more in the future. I'll try to remember to get some over the weekend.

One of the plants I fixed up was Cherokee Purple. The growth on the plant is stunted for some reason, being only about three feet tall. But there's several large tomatoes on it and one of them appears to be maturing. I'll keep an eye on it.

I did some minor tomato training in the back yard this morning.

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