Friday, June 5, 2009

Five More Tomatoes Harvested; Two Plants With New Tomatoes

In the evening my wife harvested 3 Sweet Olive and 2 Sweet 100 tomatoes.

I did some training in the afternoon and discovered that Berkeley Tie Dye has a tomato! The plant was as least four feet tall and thick and I was mildly surprised I hadn't found a tomato yet. Yesterday it was found and now I know why – like Polish Pastel of last year, the first tomato spotted was near the top of the cage and not the bottom.

Then I went to the front yard and noted the Husky Cherry Red has a tomato. After the training I went into the back yard to check on the Husky Cherry Red in the back yard. No tomato there, though that plant is taller.

It looks like some of the tomatoes on Husky Gold may be darkening (maturing).

This morning there was a light drizzle. This may become a broken record but this will really help the tomato plants. The plants will get pounded in the summer sun but for now they're being nurtured by nature. It's not so much the water (which is minimal) it's being allowed to grow buds (and hopefully, tomatoes) without getting pounded by the sun. You want the sun to do come out when there are plenty of tomatoes on the vines.


jerry said...

love your posts

what does it mean if my tomatoe leaves start to curl?

Bill Anderson said...

(tomato leaves start to curl?) -- Do you have a lot of tomatoes on your vines? If so, that can indicate that the plant is simply focusing on pushing out tomatoes.

If this isn't the case then it's more problematic. Is the plant getting a bit more gray? And/Or is it losing the vibrant green color? Then something is wrong and you'll need to determine why. Is it getting enough sun? Enough water? Too much water?

Leaf curl can mean a number of things, one good and the rest not so good.