Friday, May 29, 2009

Three New Plants With Tomatoes; Harvested Sweet Olive

This blog post is late simply because there's too much happening...

The weather has been temperate lately. I've been taking advantage of the temperate weather to do chores all around the house, tomato related or otherwise.

I've been working on preparing a patio cover for painting. I finished puttying and patching a several days ago and on Thursday night I finished sanding. Tonight I started puttying and patching the crossbeams that will be attached later.

I watered the front yard (it took nearly two hours) today and did some ironing during the Lakers playoff game.

I've been running our shredder ragged over the past couple of days. I added paper mulch to about a dozen tomatoes yesterday and today.

As mentioned in the last blog post, I noticed a tomato on Oaxacan Jewel in the early afternoon. This morning I noticed the front yard Garden Peach had a tomato on it. And this evening, while training the back yard tomato plants, German Orange Strawberry had a tomato.

I harvested a Sweet Olive in the evening.

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