Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First Harvest!

We had our first harvest!

On Saturday we picked our first harvested tomato, Sweet 100. My wife and I each ate a half of the tomato and we both enjoyed it. On Sunday we picked a Sweet Olive, which was eaten my our father in law. He liked it. Today, we picked two more Sweet 100s and another Sweet Olive.

And I've noticed four new tomatoes. On Friday night, I noticed Black Krim had it's first tomato. Saturday afternoon, Tiger Paw displayed a tomato. On Sunday, the mighty Jeff Davis tomato plant had a tomato. And today, I noticed tomatoes on Snow White.

I fertilized most of the front yard tomato plants while my wife watered them.

I tried some new gloves for manipulating the tomato branches. They didn't work in that regard – I broke a branch on the fourth tomato plant I manipulated. I took them off, but then broke off two more before I was done.

I don't want to break branches, obviously, and every year I say I won't do such a thing, and every year it happens. It's sort of hard to describe why, but I'll try – as time goes on the branches can become ever so slightly less flexible and the room inside the cages becomes more crowded, as well as there's more and more branches to manipulate. Eventually...snap!

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