Thursday, May 28, 2009

Added Paper Mulch To Four Tomato Plants

Not much to report today.

I took a quick look and there's nothing to harvest.

I was running late, so I did no training this morning. I made some paper mulch last night as was able to put it on four of the newer tomato plants in the “koi pond”.

Most of yesterday evening was spent sanding our soon to be patio cover. I completed the sanding that could be done with our new sander, sanding every available surface with a medium grade sandpaper. I had already gone over the puttied holes with a coarse sandpaper.

There's a couple of sections that can't be reached by the new sander. We have a mouse sander that possibly could reach the rest. If the mouse sander doesn't work, then the rest needs to be done by hand. Then on to priming. Then on to painting. Then do the same for the rest of the beams to be added to the frame. This will take a while...

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