Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Taped, Watered, Made Tomato Sauce

And today's harvest includes 14 Stupices, 4 Salisaw Cafes, 3 Blue Fruit, 2 Arkansas Travelers, 2 Black Krims (back yard, 9 ounces), 2 Cherokee Chocolates, 2 Husky Cherry Reds, 2 Snow Whites, Piccolo, Sioux, Jaune Flamme, Italian Market Wonder, Chocolate Stripes, Black Krim (front yard, 10 ounces), Black Plum Paste and Black From Tula.

Last night I did a lot of tomato taping and watered most of the back yard. I'll be doing both again tonight, and I hope to stake a few plants as well.

My wife bought a couple of tomato plants for fall and winter tomatoes. That triggered a memory – Green Thumb had new tomato plants. We may buy a few there as well.

My wife used most of the tomatoes picked over the last three days, took the seeds out and make tomato sauce. She really worked hard.

A lot of our harvested Blue Fruit tomatoes have terrible cracking. Not just cracking all around the tomato, but deep cracking to the point where the insides of the tomato are exposed.

Husky Cherry Red showed telltale signs of a caterpillar. After about 15 seconds – hey, there it is! I took it off the plant.

Several Kellogg's Breakfast, Painted Ukrainian and Polish Pastel tomatoes are maturing.

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