Sunday, June 22, 2014

Harvested 3 New Tomatoes!

Today's harvest includes 6 Sunchocola, 6 Orange Paruche, 4 Stupice, Janet's Jacinthe Jewel (new), Hungarian Heart (new, 10 ounces), Matt's Wild Cherry (new), Yellow Perfection, SunGold and Garden Peach for a total of 22 tomatoes.

The container plants in the back yard -- that includes the ones in the raised beds -- got fertilizer and were double watered. My wife had already watered the containers by the south gate a few days ago, but I watered them again. The back yard plants in the ground were watered but only once.

I notieced that Neves Azorean Red has a growing tomato. I forgot to mention in my last blog post that Beauty King and Porkchop(2) also have growing tomatoes. And Cherokee Purple has a maturing tomato.

The new Janet's Jacinthe Jewel tomato looks pretty good, but the plant keeps looking worse and worse. I'll try to hit it with fertilizer and worm castings before watering it in on Sunday.

Speaking of which, Snow White and Golden Rave don't look that great either. But the German Orange Strawberry plant is nearly seven feet tall!

And as mentioned previously, the new Hungarian Heart came from a broken branch earlier this week. The maturation was due to stress.

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