Thursday, May 22, 2014

Blush is Crushed; Two More Plants With Growing Tomatoes

I've been too busy with life to give as much attention to the tomatoes that they need. Fortunately, my wife has filled in admirably.

My wife watered all the tomatoes over the last several days.

On Wednesday we pulled out the dead Black From Tula and my wife transplanted Volunteer(4) -- the volunteer tomato plant that came up through a cinder block. Earlier in the day she had purchased Purple Bumble Bee. We pulled out Red Pear Piriform and replaced it with the newly purchased Purple Bumble Bee.

Today my wife noticed that the stem for Blush was broken. I thought a lemon could have directly landed on it but my wife thinks that one of our dogs broke it by biting it.

Yesterday I noticed that Indigo Rose has a growing tomato and today I noticed Earl of Edgecombe has a growing tomato as well.

Stupice has maturing tomatoes! Two or three are darkening and one tomato is a light red.

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