Monday, May 19, 2014

And Four More Plants With Growing Tomatoes

Last week was mostly too hot to do anything, short of tomato training in the morning. One day I did trim the bottom branches and leaves on the back yard tomato plants. Friday through Sunday we were out of town.

Monday morning I did a bunch of tomato training. I did discover four more plants with tomatoes, all in the back yard. These include Michael Pollan, Volunteer(3), Matt's Wild Cherry and Ananas Noire. There's probably new front yard tomatoes, but I don't have a mental list of the front yard plants already reported as having tomatoes.

Some of the front yard plants are really high already. Sunchocola is about four and a half feet tall already.

Red Pear Piriform doesn't look much better. Volunteer(4) now has blooms so that complicates the transfer into the ground.

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