Friday, August 17, 2012

Harvested Over 100 Indigo Rose Tomatoes!

Today's harvest includes 21 Black Cherry(1), 16 SunGold, 14 Snow White(2), 11 Husky Cherry Red(1), 10 Husky Cherry Red(2), 9 Snow White(1), 7 SunSugar, 5 Yellow Perfection, 5 Clint Eastwood's Rowdy Red, 4 Indigo Apple(2), 4 Indigo Rose, 3 Carmello, 2 Speckled Roman(3), 2 Pink Furry Boar, 2 Nyagous(1), 2 Red Boar(2), 2 Redfield Beauty, 2 Red Boar(1), 2 Ella's Pink Plum, 2 Dr. Wyche's Yellow, 2 Indigo Apple(1), Kellogg's Breakfast, Chinese Tea, Oaxacan Pink, Olga's Round Yellow Chicken Egg, Sweet Million, Red Currant, Big Bite, Pineapple Pig, German Orange Strawberry (7.5 ounces), Japanese Black Trifele, Neves Azorean Red (15 ounces), Italian Heirloom (9 ounces), Amazon Chocolate, Noire Charbonneuse(2), Watermelon (7 ounces), Pineapple(2) (22 ounces), Gypsy, Marmara, Taxi and Tolstoi for a total of 147 tomatoes.

Yesterday's high: 103.2. It's still hot!

I noticed a flaw in the on line spreadsheet yesterday. The amount of harvested Neves Azorean Red was too high. I found the flaw and fixed it. The July numbers adjusted downward. The original reported amount of 6088 plummeted to...6068.

What a beautiful Pineapple(2)! I don't think I've pulled such a heavy tomato this late in the season. This tomato buried the pretty 15 ounce Neves Azorean Red, another good tomato.

We have more plants to pull.

I don't plan to harvest tomorrow.

We've now harvested over 850 Husky Cherry Red(1) tomatoes (857), over 100 Indigo Rose tomatoes (101) and 50 Speckled Roman(3) tomatoes this year.

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