Saturday, July 21, 2012

Harvested Earl of Edgecombe and Red Boar(2)!

Today's harvest includes 58 SunGold, 24 Husky Cherry Red(2), 14 Husky Cherry Red(1), 11 Yellow Perfection, 10 Garden Peach, 8 Black Cherry(1), 4 Earl of Edgecombe (new) (11 ounces, 7 ounces, 7 ounces, 8 ounces), 4 SunSugar, 3 Jaune Flamme(1), 3 Nyagous(2) (not Nyagous), 3 Snow White(2), 3 Yellow Furry Boar (6 ounces), 3 Snow White(1), 3 Dr. Wyche's Yellow (8 ounces, 6 ounces, 9 ounces), 2 Yellow Currant, 2 Redfield Beauty, 2 Delicious (11.5 ounces, 7 ounces), 2 Black and Brown Boar(1), 2 Gypsy, 2 Big Bite (11 ounces, 8 ounces), 2 Thessaloniki, 2 Indigo Apple(1), 2 Jaune Flamme(2), 2 Black Cherry(2), 2 Italian Heirloom (12 ounces, 10 ounces), 2 Chinese Tea, 2 Ramapo (12 ounces, 17 ounces), 2 Indigo Rose, Red Boar(2) (new), Oaxacan Pink (11 ounces), Speckled Roman(3) (7 ounces), Pink Furry Boar, Olga's Round Yellow Chicken Egg (6 ounces), Oaxacan Jewel, Paul Robeson, Marianna's Peace (8.5 ounces), Carmello, Crimson Cushion, Red Currant, Pink Berkeley Tie Dye(1) (6 ounces), Black and Brown Boar(2), Black Krim(1) (7 ounces), Berkeley Tie Dye (8.5 ounces), Japanese Black Trifele (6 ounces), Nyagous(1), Noire Charbonneuse(1), Marmara, Speckled Roman(1), Matt's Wild Cherry, Amazon Chocolate (11 ounces), Green Grape and Nebraska Wedding (14 ounces) for a total of 203 tomatoes.

Well, Earl of Edgecombe was a complete surprise! All four of them were a vibrant deep orange color. All of them were hidden beneath the canopy of leaves around the plant. On a whim I decided to look inside the canopy and hey, look what I found!

We tried an Earl of Edgecombe for breakfast. It was pretty mushy but the flavor still came through. Unfortunately I picked these four about two days too late. That's not the fault of the tomato, it's my fault for not checking sooner. There's another one that should be ready tomorrow.

I did something I hadn't done in a couple of weeks -- I used tomato tape on a lot of branches, especially in the front yard.

My wife finished watering the back yard.

We've now harvested over 1500 SunGold tomatoes (1504) and over 100 Black Cherry(1) tomatoes (103).

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