Monday, June 11, 2012

Red Boar(2) Has Growing Tomatoes!

Today's harvest: 4 SunGold, 4 Husky Cherry Red(1), 2 Sweet 100 and Sweet Million for a total of 11 tomatoes.

Yesterday I spent a good amount of time clearing out the "underbrush" from the tomato plants. SunGold in particular had a lot of yellowing lower branches. That's natural. There's a ton of tomatoes on the plant and the focus of the plant is pushing out tomatoes at the cost of supporting the lower branches. Kellogg's Breakfast had a lot of yellowing branches but that's because the plant is struggling.

I just kept cutting the lower and yellowing branches on all the plants. They definitely look better now for what that is worth.

Red Boar(2) has a growing tomato on it. This is another struggling plant that's recovered enough to produce fruit.

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