Thursday, April 26, 2012

No Seedlings Planted But Plenty of Prep Work Done

No tomatoes were planted over the last two days. On Tuesday my wife and I went to the UCLA campus in the evening and last night I ran the meeting for the Los Angeles Visual Foxpro Developers Group.

But there was plenty of preparatory work done. My wife cleared out all the sweet peas and nasturstiums from the "koi pond" as well as deadheaded the flowers in the front yard. The sweet peas were much thicker than usual and took several hours to fully remove all of them. Our green garden waste trash can is completely full. Plus, there's more garden waste to recycle after this load is picked up by the city. It took all day to prepare the rest of the "koi pond" for planting.

My wife handled the pop-up pulp pot sale at Tapia Brothers in Encino on Tuesday. Scott Daigre came by with two Indigo Apple seedlings for us. This looks like a really interesting tomato. Thanks, Scott!

It started raining last night and there are still rain showers this morning. There won't be any planting tonight, either.

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