Monday, June 13, 2011

Learning How To Harvest Matt's Wild Cherry

Saturday's harvest: 2 Matt's Wild Cherry

I harvested 2 Matt's Wild Cherry at the bottom of the plant. They were dark red underneath the plant, but the color was orange-red after I brought them in the light. No big deal. I'll put them on the counter and let them ripen for another day.

Pineapple now has a tomato.

My wife let me know that she purchased Sweet 100 as a replacement for our Negro Azteca. Negro Azteca was very gray and clearly did not look like it would provide any fruit.

I noticed that a Bloody Butcher and a Black Cherry tomato is maturing.

Sunday's harvest: Matt's Wild Cherry.

After harvesting a bit too quickly with a couple of tomatoes, I brought a flashlight with me today. I looked at the bottom of the plant, found a dark red one, harvested it and it looked orange-red when out from under the plant. Not quite ready yet.

Oh well.

My wife planted Sweet 100. We spent a lot of time deep watering the front and back yard tomatoes. We did not complete the watering in either yard, however.

A Golden Mama tomato is maturing.

Today's harvest: SunGold

I saw similarly maturing Matt's Wild Cherry tomatoes that this time I left on the vine!

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