Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Corner Office" Planted

My wife spent about three hours preparing the soil and planting the tomatoes in the “corner office”. She planted Indian Stripe, Creme Brulee, Husky Cherry Red(1), Husky Cherry Red(2), Neves Azorean Red, Vorlon and Porkchop.

In the back yard she put Green Doctors Kiwi and Honkin' Big Black Cherry in clay pots along with some marigolds and some Peter Pan squash.

Last night I dug a hole in the back yard, preparing it for a tomato. But it was in an area noted for asphalt. I kept pulling out pieces, taking about 20 minutes or so to complete the hole. Since the sun was setting, we added amendments to an area underneath and near our lemon tree and I began to furiously turn the dirt. I got done with the turning about 10 minutes after the sun had set.

I've been glancing at our planted tomatoes and they all look good so far.

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