Monday, April 4, 2011

Another busy, busy weekend...

Last Tuesday my wife planted Aunt Ruby's German Green and Speckled Roman in the cut out area of the back yard. She also replaced the Black and Brown Boar and the Berkeley Tie Dye with healthier looking seedlings. And that's the way things stayed until this weekend.

We had planned on preparing the back yard before the front yard. But the gardeners came early Saturday morning and worked in the back yard, so I worked the "koi pond". I was able to get it completely prepared. The gardeners came by and cut the buckwheat using a weed whacker. We prepared a soil amendment mixture and a few bags of soil and placed them on the dirt. I turned all the dirt in our "koi pond". My wife then watered the dirt. It looks great!

But now we were late for our next event -- attending wedding in south Orange County. We got there a little bit late. We hung around for the reception and then headed back for the long drive home. We got home around 10:30 PM.

Oh, I also placed temporary cages around the seedlings in the back yard but in so doing I split Berkeley Tie Dye down the main stem. My wife did some emergency work on the seedling and she replanted it. We hope the plant is not permanently damaged.

The next day we worked the Descanso Gardens TomatoMania event. I had too much other stuff to do but I never got around to cancelling my coming in on Sunday. So I grudgingly did it, knowing I had put off a couple of more important things to handle. For what it's worth it was a good thing I didn't cancel. The Descanso Gardens TomatoMania event was a huge success and the extra volunteers were needed. Afterwards, we visited our friends Liz and Ricardo for dinner, picked up some chicken poop for our passive compost pile as well as some fresh eggs. We got home around 9PM. I quickly handled one of the important things later that evening and went to bed as soon as I could.

I'm running on fumes this morning but everything is okay for now.

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