Monday, June 21, 2010

Harvested 7 New Tomatoes!

On Friday my wife watered the front yard tomatoes and the back yard container tomatoes with a mixture of fish emulsion and water.

Saturday's harvest: 12 Red Currant(1), 3 Stupice, 3 Principe Borghese, 2 White Currant, 2 Red Boar (new), Patio, Violet Jasper, Black Cherry, Sweet Tangerine, Red Currant(2), Brown Berry (new) and Gypsy (new) for a total of 29 tomatoes.

My wife and I were out most of the day with things to do. I was home in the evening recovering from Friday's food poisoning/flu/not sure what I had.

Sunday's harvest: 5 Red Currant(1), 3 White Currant, 3 Stupice, 2 Principe Borghese, 2 Taxi, Snow White (front yard), Patio, Violet Jasper, SunSugar, Yellow Perfection, Jaune Flamme(1), Speckled Roman, Thessaloniki (new) and Volunteer (2) (new, Red Grape) for a total of 24 tomatoes.

My wife and I visited her parents, her brother and friend at the ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney to celebrate Father's Day in the afternoon.

I did some research on what Volunteer(2) could be but couldn't come up with any ideas. I showed this to my wife and she came up with Red Grape. She's right – that's the closest match to this smallish teardrop tomato not quite the size of Principe Borghese. We grew Red Grape last year just like the other two volunteers.

My wife moved our back yard umbrella to better protect some of the back yard container plants. Some of them are getting too much sun, such as Chile Verde.

Today's harvest includes: 4 Stupice, 3 Principe Borghese, 2 Red Currant(1), 2 Violet Jasper, Snow White (front yard), Black Cherry, Lyn's Mahogany Garnet, Taxi, Red Currant(2), Red Cherry, Sweet Tangerine (6 ounces), White Currant, Snow White (back yard, new) and Husky Chery Red (new) for a total of 21 tomatoes.

Also I added fertilizer to all the back yard container plants as well as watered it in.

I don't remember the exact figures but the harvest weight for each of the three days was between 20 and 24 ounces (21, 23.5 and 21.5?)

Ananas Noire, Weeping Charlie, Green Grape and Garden Peach have maturing tomatoes. The harvest tide is coming!

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