Monday, June 28, 2010

Harvested 6 New Tomatoes!

Saturday's harvest: 9 Stupice, 6 Husky Cherry Red, 4 Violet Jasper, 4 Principe Borghese, 4 Red Currant(1), 2 Red Currant(2), 2 Patio, 2 Black Cherry, SunGold, Taxi, Sweet Tangerine, Zapotec Pleated, Yellow Perfection, Black Krim (new, 9 ounces) and Dr. Wyche's Yellow(1) (new, 8 ounces) for a total of 40 tomatoes.

In the late afternoon my wife and I visited the “seed lady”. We roasted some of our harvested tomatoes and beans on the barbeque. Delicious!

Sunday's harvest: 7 Principe Borghese, 6 White Currant, 5 SunGold, 5 Red Currant(1), 4 Husky Cherry Red, 3 Speckled Roman, 3 Violet Jasper, 3 Yellow Perfection, 2 Stupice, 2 Snow White (front yard), 2 Red Currant(2), 2 Babywine (new), Brown Berry, Red Boar, Sweet Tangerine, Snow White (back yard), Nyagous, Gypsy and Topaz (new) for a total of 51 tomatoes.

As of Sunday we passed last year's June harvest total of 299 tomatoes. This is due to several factors. (1) We simply have more tomato plants this year (2) We seem to have more cherry tomatoes this year and they tend to mature sooner and in greater numbers and (3) In general, the weather has been temperate and if anything, I think a touch below normal. For the most part, the fruit has been setting well. We should have a big July harvest.

My wife watered most if not all of the back yard tomatoes.

Friends dropped by Sunday afternoon and we gave them a most of Sunday's harvest.

Today's harvest includes 8 SunGold, 7 Principe Borghese, 4 Yellow Perfection, 3 Violet Jasper, 2 Stupice, 2 Husky Cherry Red, 2 Black Cherry, 2 Red Currant(2), 2 Red Currant(1), Patio, Babywine, Black Krim, SunSugar, Sweet 100, Brown Berry, Green Grape, Dr. Wyche's Yellow(2), Snow White (front yard), Speckled Roman, Thessaloniki, Gypsy, White Currant, Red Grape, Black From Tula (new) and Enchantment (new) for a total of 48 tomatoes.

New tomatoes are maturing every day. I can't remember them all but Plum Tigris and Gajo de Melon have maturing tomatoes.

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