Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 2010 Harvest Analysis

In June 2009 we harvested 299 tomatoes, 30 in the front yard and 269 in the back yard. 19 tomato plants provided tomatoes out of 61 plants, or 31%.

In June 2010 we harvested 482 tomatoes, a 61% increase. 228 were harvested in the front yard, 254 in the back yard. 43 tomato plants provided tomatoes out of 77 tomato plants, or 56%.

We planted more tomatoes this year versus last year so that accounts for some of the difference. This year, our plants aren't as tall as they were last year. We had several six foot tall tomato plants last year at this time, but not this year. Most are around four to four and a half feet. This we believe is due to the cooler than normal weather and due to the fact that we've planted a fair amount of cherry tomatoes.

The harvest for July 2009 was 4576 tomatoes. My best guess, based on those numbers, is to harvest around 6800 tomatoes for July 2010. That's some scary numbers if it proves true!

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