Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Harvest Numbers Are Heading Up

And today's harvest includes 15 Red Currants, 6 Sweet Olive, 5 Italian Ice, 4 back yard Garden Peach, 2 Patio, 2 Red Grape, 2 Black Cherry, a front yard Paul Robeson, White Currant, a back yard Speckled Roman (again with blossom end rot), Yellow Perfection, SunSugar and Sweet 100 for a total of 42 tomatoes. Today was the highest harvest total in 2009 for both the front (16) and back (26) yards.

I spent about a half hour staking and taping last night, mostly in the front yard. I noticed that several Jeff Davis tomatoes are maturing...but I don't think that's good news. These tomatoes aren't full size. I believe it's further validation of trouble with this plant.

15 Red Currants sounds like a lot, and for Red Currants these were full sized but you can hold all 15 of them in the palm of your hand.

A lot of immature tomatoes are getting dark and shiny -- as if they're going to mature soon.

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