Monday, March 30, 2009

TomatoMania Is A Blast!

It was a fun and exhausting weekend...

I worked the TomatoMania event both Saturday and Sunday. Most of the time I was walking around among the customers and seedlings, helping out the customers as they'd ask questions and whatnot.

It was hot on Saturday. I don't mind walking around at all, but it was outdoors and all day. I wore jeans, hat and long sleeve shirt to protect from UV rays. Michael Jackson showed up with his son. No, not that Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson, the erudite, British accented radio talk show host. I immediately recognized him. I helped him and his son pick out tomato seedlings.

A customer talked about how her wife corresponded with this tomato grower who blogs about his experiences...and it turned out it was me. Small world.

The Berkeley Tie Dye seedling showed up in the afternoon! Now I have one.

From what I saw on Friday, TomatoMania was a madhouse. Saturday was quite busy as well, easing up a bit in the afternoon due to the rise in the temperature.

I went home in the evening fully expecting to plant a few tomatoes but simply couldn't get to any planting before darkness arrived.

Sunday had cooler temperatures, making it easier to walk around. My friend from hiking, Becky, showed up with her daughter Sophie and friend. Scott Daigre kept a Jeff Davis seedling for me!

It's a fun event and the event seemed better managed this year (though last year's issues may have been more due to the weather before the event destroying seedlings more than anything) and it's clear the event is a big draw.

When I got home, my wife decided it was time to take apart the gazebo. After about an hour it was broken down and the scraps put in the front yard. Somebody will pick it up. And sure enough, this morning someone did pick up the gazebo pieces.

I managed to put up a couple of tomato cages over our planted seedlings.

I took a shower and went to bed by 8:30 PM. My wife said I was snoring by 9PM.

TomatoMania is a blast!

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