Friday, March 27, 2009

TomatoMania Has Started!!

It's been a busy couple of days...

My wife planted a bunch of tomatoes, filling out the “koi pond”. They look great, but as of now there's no identification. I do have a map of what's planted, but we need to use some popsicle sticks, write the tomato names and place them in the ground near them.

But she couldn't get to it and neither could I. We had to take apart a gazebo on the back porch before it fell into the house. We didn't get it apart, but we were able to move it onto the grass and out of harm's way for now.

Here's what I believe my wife planted yesterday, all in the “koi pond” -- Mexico, Nyagous, Gardener's Delight, Green Grape, Snow White, Kornesevsije, Oaxacan Jewel, Quedlinburger Freuhe Liebe and Jaune Coeur de Pigeon.

This morning, we went to Brent's Deli and then TomatoMania. We picked up a bunch of tomato plants when it opened. Man, TomatoMania was popular!!

My wife told me to check out the tomatoes on our list. I did, picking up a couple. But some of them weren't there. Noire Charbonneuse, Jeff Davis, Berkeley Tie Dye and Currant Red weren't anywhere to be found. But...they'll be new tomatoes on both Saturday and Sunday so it pays to go all three days!

When I met up with my wife she had a tray of tomatoes already picked out. I complained a bit, saying you asked me to look for the ones on the list, not pick new ones. Regardless, she has been taking care of them more than I am this year so far, so I pretty much accepted what she had selected.

TomatoMania was extremely busy. My wife said it was busier than last year's Friday.

I took today off from my main job, but neither I nor my wife could volunteer at TomatoMania. We were off doing other things.

We went to a couple appointments on the Westside. We came back and my wife rested, while I did chores.

I took the plants out of the back of the car and watered them.

Last night the wind had knocked a 4x4x10 piece of wood directly onto the Patio tomato. I took the post off of the tomato – but the cage absorbed the full blow, protecting the plant! The cage is a total loss, but the plant has been barely touched, if at all. A lucky break!

I did some work for a client for about 90 minutes.

I got the mail, went to a fast food place to bring food home for my wife and I, went to Green Thumb for compost and checked out the tomatoes (no Currant Red), drove to the Target nursery (nope, not there), drove to the Home Depot nursery (no luck there), then went to Trader Joe's to pick up a few things for the house.

I went home, put away the groceries, fed the cat, fed the dogs, took the trash out and took out the recycling bag.

I got my gardening gloves, a couple of eggs and thought I had time to plant two tomatoes. I started a load of laundry. When I started digging, the 7 PM church bell went off. I did have enough time to plant two tomatoes – Pierce's Pride and Italian Sweet – in the "corner office" and came in about 7:35 PM. For me, it takes about 15 minutes to plant a tomato. Put load in dryer.

I need to bring in our seedlings before the night is over.

So here we are! I'll be volunteering my help to the TomatoMania event over the weekend. I'll see you there!

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Anonymous said...

On my property at least, nothing grows better tomatoes and cukes than horse poo. No Green Thumb for me!