Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Five More Seedlings In The Ground

Last evening, we hurriedly got five more tomato seedlings in the ground, all in the “Corner Office” – Berkeley Tie Dye, Jaune Flamme, Black Zebra, Turkish Striped Monastery (what a name!) and Green Zebra.

I wanted to try Green Zebra in the back yard as we've really had no luck with this plant in the front yard – we end up with blossom end rot. I mentioned this to Scott during TomatoMania, and he indicated that he too is hit or miss with this tomato. But my wife wanted it in the front yard next to Black Zebra and Turkish Striped Monastery, providing a line of striped tomatoes. I couldn't argue with that – if it works it will be striking – but these tomato plants will be on the “front lines” – there will be no tomato plants between them and the setting sun.

Our “seed lady” will be coming by for lunch with more seedlings.

Also, I tried starting our rototiller, but no luck. I need to bring it in for repairs or to get it started, as I have a friend borrowing it over the weekend.

My wife watered the tomatoes yesterday and was watering the front yard this morning.

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