Sunday, August 24, 2008

Removed Eight Tomato Plants Yesterday

Today's harvest includes 8 Piccolos, 4 Italian Market Wonders, 3 Stupice, Old Ivory Egg, Big Rainbow, Pierce's Pride (10 ounces), Evan's Italian Plum, Black Plum Paste, Arkansas Traveler, Olga's Round Yellow Chicken, Kellogg's Breakfast, Salisaw Cafe, Polish Pastel and Zhezha (back yard).

The slightly larger harvest was due to the fact I didn't pick on Saturday. I was out the door by 7AM and not back until 4PM or so, so I decided not to harvest.

However there was still news: 8 tomato plants were pulled by the gardener. 6 in the front and 2 in the back. The pulled ones were Aunt Ruby's German Green, Chocolate Stripes, Husky Cherry Red, Snow White Cherry, Garden Peach, Gregori's Altai, Jeff Davis and White Bush.

I saw damage to Green Grape and after about two minutes found a caterpillar on it. I got rid of it. Also, I spotted another tomato growing on the vines.

We reached the estimated harvest of 900 tomatoes today.

On another somewhat odd note, I found the shell of two grasshopper skins in a couple of the front yard tomato plants, one Old Ivory Egg. The grasshoppers molted while sitting in the plant.

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