Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

Today's haul included 6 Piccolos, 4 Stupices, Polish Pastel, Painted Ukrainian (6 ounces), Carbon, Black Plum Paste, Evan's Italian Plum (6 ounces), Cherokee Chocolate, Pierce's Pride (8.5 ounces), Italian Market Wonder and Olga's Round Yellow Chicken.

Yesterday we pulled out Blue Fruit to make more room for the winter tomatoes.

I turned the dirt in the “Corner Office”, mixed in some planting mix and turned again. My wife and I planned on planting four tomatoes here, but only planted two. It simply got too hot to do more gardening. The ones planted were Glacier and Patio.

On Saturday, my wife did a lot of gardening. Included in the gardening was moving some of the tomato container plants in the back yard. She watered the front yard and when I came back from my appointments, I watered the back yard. Yesterday I moved to last two containers into the back yard.

This morning I got up early and planted a third tomato plant in the “Corner Office”, Siberia. Another cold weather tomato planted on a day that will get over 100 degrees (yesterday got up to 104 here).

I took off the blooms on Siberia and Glacier to encourage root growth. However, Glacier already had two tomatoes on it! I discussed this with my wife and we decided to leave the tomatoes on the vine.

As predicted earlier, today was the first day I only picked Piccolo for the front yard tomatoes. I still consider the containers moved to the back yard to be front yard tomatoes. Also, I picked off a full sized caterpillar on Thessaloniki.

Yesterday we spent most of the afternoon and evening celebrating my wife's birthday at Downtown Disney, at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen. We've never been disappointed going there and had another fun time with family and friends.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

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