Friday, August 22, 2008

Manchester Terrier Eats Pierce's Pride

Today's harvest includes 3 Piccolos, 2 Stupices, 2 Black Plum Pastes, 2 Cherokee Chocolates, 2 Italian Market Wonders, Salisaw Cafe, Olga's Round Yellow Chicken and Prairie Fire.

Unfortunately, I would have liked to have added a half pound Pierce's Pride, but it appears the Manchester Terrier got it. Yesterday morning, there were two Pierce's Pride ripening. By yesterday evening there was only one. Even my wife remembers seeing it. And this morning, the Manchester Terrier didn't eat his breakfast. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr........

I did some tomato taping last night.

I noticed a tomato on Green Grape, so there's at least one tomato in the “Corner Office”.

We reached the 4100 mark for harvested tomatoes this year.

My wife and I tried Painted Ukrainian again two nights ago. My wife loved it, I liked it but didn't find it as amazing as my wife did. Nevertheless, I'm more than happy to grow this one again.

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