Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Harvested Over 900 Sunchocola Tomatoes This Year!

Today's harvest includes 10 Matt's Wild Cherry, 10 Husky Cherry Red(2), 8 Orange Paruche, 8 SunGold, 7 Volunteer(4), 7 Black Cherry, 5 Bread and Salt (6.5 ounces, 6.5 ounces, 7.5 ounces), 4 Sunchocola, 4 Indigo Rose, 4 Stupice, 4 Sugar Snack, 4 Michael Pollan, 3 Bloody Butcher, 3 Clint Eastwood's Rowdy Red, 3 Pineapple, 3 Green Grape, 2 German Orange Strawberry (6 ounces), 2 Jaune Flamme, 2 Nyagous, 2 Evan's Purple Pear, 2 Husky Cherry Red(1), Porkchop(1), Yellow Perfection, Adriana's Grande, Speckled Roman(2), Black Icicle, Cherokee Purple and "Green Zebra" (not Green Zebra) for a total of 104 tomatoes.

In what alternate universe does Bread and Salt have a higher harvest total than Sunchocola? Bread and Salt keeps cranking them out -- it's making a believer out of me.

I was less aggressive with today's harvest. I didn't have the right clothes and shoes for the job and didn't "dig in" like I normally do. Because of the wrong garb I didn't pull out any tomato plants. Still, the numbers look all right.

I know I need to report on how Purple Bumble Bee tastes. But all of the Purple Bumble Bee tomatoes have been given away to others.

We've now harvested over 500 back yard tomatoes this month (503). What's a little more interesting is that the back yard harvest number is now essentially even with the front yard harvest numbers (2604 back yard, 2608 front yard). When I was harvesting nearly around 100 combined Sunchocola and Orange Paruche tomatoes a month ago there was no way to anticipate the back yard catching up. But the back yard will pass up the front yard tomorrow.

We've now harvested over 900 Sunchocola tomatoes (902) this year, over 450 SunGold tomatoes this year (456) and over 150 Husky Cherry Red tomatoes this year (157)!

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