Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Harvested Speckled Roman(1)!

Today's harvest includes 47 Orange Paruche, 33 Sunchocola, 19 Matt's Wild Cherry, 17 SunGold, 11 Sugar Snack, 7 Garden Peach(2), 4 Husky Cherry Red(2), 3 Berkeley Tie Dye, 3 Indigo Rose, 2 Clint Eastwood's Rowdy Red, 2 Adriana's Grande (11 ounces, 12.5 ounces), 2 Pineapple, 2 Evan's Purple Pear, 2 Black Cherry, 2 Garden Peach(1), Speckled Roman(1) (new), Bloody Butcher, Earl of Edgecombe, German Orange Strawberry (6 ounces), Earliana, Bread and Salt (6 ounces), Hungarian Heart, Snow White, Persimmon(1), Husky Cherry Red(1) and Garden Peach(3) for a total of 167 tomatoes.

I figured it was time for Speckled Roman(1) to have a growing tomato so I knelt down next to it. As I knelt I saw a maturing tomato. When I touched the tomato it fell right off into my hands. Sightwise it didn't seem quite ready but all other indicators said it was. So we have another new tomato harvested!

During the harvest I was telling myself that yesterday will probably be the high water mark for the year. But when I put in the numbers I was very surprised to see we had the same total as yesterday (167). Yesterday had larger tomatoes, however.

Afterwards, I pulled out Pierce's Pride and Brad's Black Heart. I noticed some SunGolds I should have harvested, but left them on the vine. So today's total could have been bigger than yesterday.

Scott: Here's the Green Zebra tag...

In general, I have better luck with the yellow tagged tomato seedlings at Tomatomania events. The seedlings from other growers act as if they've been more exposed to the elements. They tend to not grow has high nor flourish as much. For instance, I don't think I have a non-yellow tag this year whose plant five feet tall or more.

While I have several yellow tagged tomato plants over six feet tall, I've had some poor luck with yellow tagged brown heirloom tomatoes this year. Vorlon, Brad's Black Heart, Pierce's Pride and Black Seaman have all died early. And come to think of it, in general, I can't think of the last brown heirloom tomato that has gone bonkers in several years. Perhaps Black Krim or Black From Tula from a few years ago. Sunchocola has gone absolutely bonkers this year but that's a hybrid.

We've now grown over 1500 front yard tomatoes for the year (1524), over 1000 front yard tomatoes in July (1058) and over 200 SunGold tomatoes (211) this year!

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