Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fourteen Plants Pulled...

Today's harvest includes 10 Snow White(1), 3 Amana Orange, 3 Indigo Rose, 2 Snow White(2), 2 Carmello, 2 Delicious (6 ounces), Husky Cherry Red(1), Thessaloniki, Nebraska Wedding, Japanese Black Trifele, Pierce's Pride(1), Porkchop(1), SunGold, Ella's Pink Plum, Big Bite (6 ounces), Brad's Black Heart, Italian Heirloom, Marianna's Peace (6 ounces) and Marmara for a total of 35 tomatoes.

The gardeners did come and pull tomatoes. A lot of them, all in the back yard. The list includes Black Cherry(1), Brad's Black Heart, Black From Tula, Japanese Black Trifele, Black Cherry(2), Marianna's Peace, Noire Charbonneuse(2), Indigo Apple(2), Earl of Edgecombe, Gypsy, Marmara, Red Boar(1), Indigo Rose and Red Boar(2)...14 plants in all. And the ones I listed yesterday need to be removed as well.

Having noted that, I wasn't expecting either Black Cherry to be pulled. But it's done. The raised bed is now cleared out with the removal of Indigo Rose and Red Boar(2). The ground will be prepared for winter crops.

Some of the pulled plants had salvageable tomatoes, which were added to today's totals.

Will we break our all time record? Perhaps, but the removal of the two Black Cherry plants puts it in some doubt.

On a bookkeeping note, Garden Peach was pulled a while ago. I guessed the date as August 22.

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