Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Harvested Over 8000 Tomatoes This Year!

Today's harvest includes 28 SunGold, 13 Snow White(2), 8 Snow White(1), 5 Sweet Million, 3 Sweet 100, 3 Chinese Tea, 3 Delicious, 3 Black Cherry(1), 3 Black Cherry(2), 3 SunSugar, 3 Sweet Baby Girl, 3 Husky Cherry Red(1), 2 Speckled Roman(3), 2 Husky Cherry Red(2), 2 Redfield Beauty, 2 Clint Eastwood's Rowdy Red, 2 White Zebra, 2 Nyagous(2) (not Nyagous), 2 Big Zebra (8.5 ounces, 11 ounces), Black Krim(1) (8 ounces), Kellogg's Breakfast, Porkchop(1), Indigo Apple(1), Oaxacan Jewel (8 ounces), Olga's Round Yellow Chicken Egg, Ella's Pink Plum, Creme Brulee, Pineapple Pig (8 ounces), Pink Furry Boar, Crimson Cushion, Italian Heirloom, Amazon Chocolate, Noire Charbonneuse(2), Marmara, Red Boar(1), Ramapo (7 ounces), Jaune Flamme(2) and Porkchop(2) for a total of 111 tomatoes.

My wife watered some of the back yard tomatoes yesterday. Short of that, it got up to 106.7 at Pierce College so there's not much that could have been done without a lot of effort.

It looks like a couple more tomato plants can go (Big Zebra, Nyagous(2)) and others not far behind (Creme Brulee). While doing the harvest I broke a large Husky Cherry Red(2) branch that was laying in the pathway. Darn it..

We hit several 2012 numbers today. We've now harvested over 8000 tomatoes for the year (8038), over 5000 tomatoes from the back yard this year (5033) and over 3000 tomatoes from the front yard (3005)!

We've now harvested over 1000 tomatoes for August (1086). Also, we've now harvested over 100 Snow White(2) tomatoes (107) for the year.

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