Thursday, August 23, 2012

Harvested Over 2000 Tomatoes In The Back Yard This Month!

Today's harvest includes 20 SunGold, 11 Black Cherry(1), 5 Red Currant, 5 Carmello, 4 Big Bite, 4 Snow White(1), 4 Snow White(2), 4 Oaxacan Jewel (7 ounces, 9 ounces), 4 Oaxacan Pink, 4 Yellow Perfection, 3 Dr. Wyche's Yellow, 2 Olga's Round Yellow Chicken Egg, 2 Husky Cherry Red(1), 2 Indigo Rose, 2 Jaune Flamme(2), Husky Cherry Red(2), Indigo Apple(1), Ella's Pink Plum, Pink Furry Boar, Thessaloniki, German Orange Strawberry, Speckled Roman(3), Delicious, Gypsy, Marmara, SunSugar and Green Grape for a total of 88 tomatoes.

My wife pulled out Speckled Roman(1) yesterday. And she continues to make sauce and freeze it, as well as give away some to friends and family.

I added tomato fertilizer to the container plants this morning.

Yellow Furry Boar has one more tomato to mature so it's spared the chopping block for now. But Jaune Flamme(2) can go.

We've now harvested over 2000 tomatoes in the back yard this month (2013)!

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