Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Harvested Thessaloniki, Black Cherry(2) and Redfield Beauty!

This morning's harvest includes 18 SunGold, 12 Sweet Baby Girl, 11 Husky Cherry Red(1), 6 Husky Cherry Red(2), 3 Matt's Wild Cherry, 3 SunSugar, 2 Nyagous(1), 2 Sweet Million, 2 Sweet 100, 2 Red Currant, 2 Yellow Perfection, Redfield Beauty (new), Thessaloniki (new), Black Cherry(2) (new), Yellow Currant and Black Cherry(1) for a total of 68 tomatoes.

Yesterday evening I took a little time to look at the tomatoes. Black Cherry(2) was a surprise -- the tomato I was looking at was not only maturing, it was ready for harvest. So I harvested it this morning. I saw a small Redfield Beauty maturing. I decided to harvest it right away because the tomato had some large flaws. We're not going to be able to eat it as is. My wife will cut it up and save the good parts for a salad or a dish. It was good enough to use, so it gets counted.

But the main issue was with the two Husky Cherry Red tomato plants. The two plants had been sprawling. A couple of the branches were getting so heavy that they were doubling over due to the weight of the tomatoes. I've been essentially avoiding the repair work until I had more time. I had "fixed" one branch yesterday morning but by the time I got back in the evening, the branch was wilting. The branch developed a weakness that affected the rest of the branch. I brought my wife over to literally stand between the two plants (propping them both up where they met), added a couple of stakes and tape. We lost about a dozen Husky Cherry Red tomatoes fixing the branches. It remains to be seen if the bad branch is saved. It had about 40 growing tomatoes on it.

But I also saw other maturing tomatoes. These include Speckled Roman(2), Dr. Wyche's Yellow and this morning it appears that Giant Syrian is maturing.

The weather this week will top off in the low 90's. A lot of plants will get maturing tomatoes.

I won't be able to look at the plants this evening. I could have some surprises tomorrow morning.

Sorry for the late post, I had a busy morning...

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