Sunday, June 3, 2012

13 More Plants With Tomatoes; 2 Plants With Maturing Tomatoes!

Yesterday's harvest: 2 Husky Cherry Red(1). Today's harvest: 2 Husky Cherry Red(1).

Now Husky Cherry Red(1) has passed Husky Cherry Red(2) in total production: 14 tomatoes for Husky Cherry Red(1) and 12 tomatoes for Husky Cherry Red(2).

I took a closer look at the tomato plants over the last couple of days. You know the story, more "training". I added a stake to Pink Berkeley Tie Dye(1). I used tomato tape for a wayward branch on Husky Cherry Red(1). As the plants get taller and there's less cage room for training, I'll simply use tomato tape to tie back some of the wayward branches. As the weeks progress there will be more and more rolls of tomato tape and stakes being used.

In my last blog post I indicated that I knew there were more plants with tomatoes. Uh, I wasn't kidding. There are 13 more plants with growing tomatoes. The lastest list includes Amana Orange, Noire Charbonneuse(2), Snow White(2), Big Zebra, Green Zebra, Nebraska Wedding, Pierce's Pride(1), Vorlon, Marmara, Snow White(1), Speckled Roman(3), Delicious and Ramapo.

SunGold and SunSugar have maturing tomatoes. SunGold has already reached the top of the cage. In fact, let me see if I can get a reasonable picture of it.

SunGold tomato plant over my wife's right shoulder
As you know, it's only June 3. How tall will this plant get in 60 more days? It's only been in the ground for 57 days.

Having said that, the height of the plant isn't the payoff window. It's the tomatoes! You may be able to tell from the image that the plant is not only tall, it's quite thick. There are hundreds and hundreds of tomatoes on the plant. We'll see how they taste. We'll have plenty to choose from in the upcoming weeks.

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