Monday, April 9, 2012

3 Planted In Pots, One In The Ground, Five Holes Made

After work I had about 90 minutes of sunlight to make as many holes in the backyard soil as I could. I dug a bunch of holes underneath and next to the lemon tree -- six holes in all. I did hit some significant asphalt on the last hole.

Why the concern? It's our understanding that it will rain Tuesday evening. We wanted to get as many plants in the ground as possible before it rains.

My wife planted Taxi, SunSugar and Tolstoi in pots. She also planted Big Zebra in the first of the holes.

So only four more tonight, but we're prepped for five more tomorrow.

One thing I've noticed is a preponderance of larger tomatoes. We don't have too many cherry or "small" tomatoes. We have containers ready to accept seedlings, but we don't have the right seedlings that do reasonably well in them.

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