Sunday, October 2, 2011

September 2011 Tomato Analysis

The total harvest for September 2011 amounts to 768 tomatoes. That's the second highest harvest I've had for September -- out of five September harvests, but nowhere near the highest September harvest. The highest September harvest was in 2009, a whopping 1933 tomatoes.

In August we harvested 3863 tomatoes and in September we harvested roughly 20 percent of that amount. Not a great total given the month before.

My wife has been telling me all year that we should have amended the soil in the "koi pond" and it is clear to me she's right. The only plants left in the "koi pond" are in the north end of the area -- where we grew sweet peas and sugar snap peas against the north end fence. That is clearly not a coincidence.

We'll end up with about 9000 harvested tomatoes for the year.

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