Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pulled Out Three More Tomato Plants

Thursday's harvest includes 6 Matt's Wild Cherry, Persimmon, SunGold(1) and Orange And Green Zebra for a total of 9 tomatoes.

Later on in the afternoon I pulled out Vorlon, Persimmon and Orange And Green Zebra.

Friday's harvest includes 7 Matt's Wild Cherry, Honkin' Big Black Cherry, Kellogg's Breakfast and Green Zebra(1) for a total of 10 tomatoes.

Saturday's harvest inlcudes 3 Matt's Wild Cherry, Large Pink Anna(1) and Patio for a total of 5 tomatoes.

Today's harvest includes 2 Matt's Wild Cherry, SunGold(1), Large Pink Anna(1), Patio, Jaune Flamme and Aunt Ruby's German Green(3) for a total of 7 tomatoes.

The SunGold(1) tomato plant is both full and healthy. But it holds many grasshoppers. It's a grasshopper hotel. I've found a couple of hornworms on the plant. Hornworms have been rare this year.

There are more plants ready to be pulled when the weather is more temperate.

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