Saturday, August 14, 2010

Harvested Over 1200 SunGold Tomatoes!

Today's harvest includes 18 SunGold, 15 Snow White (front yard), 8 Gajo de Melon, 6 Yellow Perfection, 3 Violet Jasper, 2 Azoychka/not Azoychka, 2 Thessaloniki, 2 Snow White (back yard), 2 Red Boar, Husky Cherry Red, Poma Amoris Minora Lutea, Babywine, SunSugar, Lyn's Mahogany Garnet, Dr. Wyche's Yellow(1), Jaune Flamme(2), Nyagous and Large Pink Anna (8 ounces) for a total of 67 tomatoes.

Yesterday we harvested over 1200 SunGold tomatoes and have now harvested 1237 tomatoes from this plant.

Yellow Perfection is having a second wind.

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