Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ildi Died -- Cutworms or Windstorm?

In the late morning my wife called and told me that Ildi was dead. She noted it had the same damage that Saint Pierre had – weakness at the stem – and also in the same pot.

It's interesting to note that we had a bit of a windstorm two days before Saint Pierre died. Coincidence? We don't know. A likely scenario is that there's a cutworm in the soil that took out these two plants. To prevent further damage, I brought home a bunch of toothpicks during lunch hour. Later in the afternoon my wife strategically placed them into the soil around the remaining seedlings.

In the evening we ate the Stupice tomato. It was good, though perhaps a tad watery from being slightly overripe. My wife thought the skin was a little thick. The taste reminds us of Husky Cherry Red – simple tomato taste.

This morning I did a lot of “training”, a little over a half hour's worth of maneuvering branches. I could have done even more.

I noticed that Sweetie and Emerald Evergreen have tomatoes on them.

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