Monday, May 31, 2010

Harvested Our First Tomato!

Saturday night we finally planted Big Pink. We're now managing 77 plants and three seedlings.

Later in the night I adjusted the on line 2010 Back Yard Tomatoes document and the 2010 Tomatoes spreadsheet to reflect the new tomato.

We harvested our first tomato Sunday morning! As you see above, well, it wasn't much of a tomato. It's a Red Currant, even smaller than the average Red Currant, which is tiny enough. I ate it. It didn't have much flavor but then again, there wasn't much tomato to taste.

My wife informed me that a Stupice was turning. By the time I looked at it the tomato was turning red. It appears to be about four ounces in weight.

We spent most of Sunday at a party at Liz and Ricardos. We had a great time!

Today I did a little bit of training and noticed that Pink Berkeley Tie Dye has a tomato on it. I can't find the growing tomato on Depp's Pink Firefly so I might have a false alarm there. I'll continue to try to locate the tomato on that plant.

I didn't harvest the Stupice and will probably harvest it tomorrow

We spent the afternoon at my wife's parent's house.

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