Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Harvested Violet Jasper

Today's harvest: 2 Stupice, Violet Jasper.

As if on cue, I noticed tomatoes on Paul Robeson and Aunt Ruby's German Green(2). Now all the plants in the ground (as opposed to in containers) have tomatoes on them.

The Violet Jasper tomato plant looks great. It has at least 200 tomatoes on it already. It will clearly be a heavy tomato producer. I hope the tomatoes taste good!

I forgot to mention that over the weekend my wife was emptying out a pot. That's no big deal. But she found cutworms in the dirt. So she carefully sifted through the dirt and found more cutworms. And more cutworms. By the time she was through sorting through the dirt she threw away an astonishing 29 cutworms.

My wife will add fertilizer to Depp's Pink Firefly. Most of the buds are shriveling and the plant is not looking as good as it was a few weeks ago. We hope the fertilizer will help turn it back around.

We have more Violet Jaspers and Stupices ripening as well as Patio.


Lyn said...

That's great. My violet jasper only has a few tomatoes. Where are you planting them? My soil is good, but this year, the crop has produced few tomatoes. Any suggestions? I am in Los Angeles.

Bill Anderson said...

We planted them in the west facing front yard so they get tons of sun. Our Violet Jasper was planted on March 29 and so far we've harvested 271 of these tomatoes.
It was unusually overcast in late June/early July so I suspect most everyone's harvest has been suppressed a bit.

(Any suggestions?) Short of waiting there's not much you can do this year.