Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Harvested SunSugar and Sweet 100!

Today's harvest includes 4 SunGold, 3 Black Cherry, 2 Violet Jasper, 2 White Currant, Nyagous, Red Currant(1), Jaune Flamme(1), Stupice, SunSugar (new) and Sweet 100 (new) for a total of 17 tomatoes.

My wife tried Lyn's Mahogany Garnet yesterday and thought it delicious. She also tried Sweet Tangerine two days ago and thought that tomato was delicious as well. I tried it and it's good – it would be excellent on a burger. A good “slicer” tomato.

It looks like our harvest may slow down a a touch over the next couple of days. I don't see as many tomatoes maturing as I did two days ago.

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