Monday, June 14, 2010

Harvest Numbers Climbing...

My wife watered the entire back yard on Friday.

Saturday's harvest: SunGold (new), Violet Jasper and Nyagous (new) for a total of 3 tomatoes.

My mother in law came up on Saturday. We showed her the front and back yard garden. While showing her the back yard tomatoes, I noticed a ripe and possibly overripe Nyagous. She peeled it and ate it right then and there – loved it! There was a second on maturing but it had blossom end rot. We picked it and put it in the compost pile.

While my wife and her mother went to the movies I watered the entire front yard. I added stakes to a couple of the front yard plants for support.

At dinner we did some tomato tasting with what few tomatoes we had. Most were okay but my wife did not like Violet Jasper. I was okay with it but so far it's pretty but the taste is not memorable.

Sunday's harvest: 2 SunGold, Black Cherry, Violet Jasper, White Currant and Jaune Flamme(1) (new) for a total of 6 tomatoes.

All the Sunday tomatoes were given to our mother in law.

We spent the afternoon at the Dodger-Angel game and in the evening saw Henry Rollins at the Largo, treated by Liz and Ricardo. A full day of fun!

Monday's harvest: 3 White Currants, 2 Violet Jasper, Stupice, Red Currant(2), Red Cherry (new), Principe Borghese (new) and Sweet Tangerine (7 ounces, new) for a total of 10 tomatoes.

A Taxi tomato is maturing and looks like it will be ready for harvest tomorrow. Another Jaune Flamme(1) is maturing.

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