Monday, May 3, 2010

20 In The Front Yard, 56 In The Back Yard

We had progress on a bunch of things relating to tomatoes this weekend.

On Friday I added stakes to all the front yard tomato plants and fixed a few cages. I added stakes to a few of the back yard tomato plants. I added fertilizer to the new plants as well to all of the container plants. I fixed the fence around the “koi pond”. I noticed that Nyagous has a growing tomato on it.

None of this took very long. My wife watered all the tomato plants in the ground and that took much longer than the little things I did.

Not as much happened Saturday as car trouble took care of most of the day.

I'm slowly “training” the tomato plants more and more as they grow. There's not much to do now and I don't have to do it every day but that day will come.

We've been planting so fast that I haven't been able to take stock of what's been planted in what location. This was handled next. I had started it on Saturday but didn't get very far. Sunday morning was a cloudier morning which made it much easier to enter the information onto a Net Book computer in outdoor lighting conditions.

On Sunday my wife and I, along with Liz and Ricardo and our “seed lady” went to the LA Garden Show. Liz and Ricardo bought about 7 or 8 tomato plants while we came away with a couple more.

At home we had four more tomato plants to plant. We planted Poma Amoris Minora Lutea in the “koi pond” (and dispatched a couple of large cutworms in the process), planted Hungarian Heart and Saint Pierre in a pot in the back yard. My wife transplanted White Cherry to the side of the container and planted Brown Berry with it. What that we believe we're done planting for 2010!

I dumped the remaining dirt back in the ground used for our soil testing sample. I forgot to mention that the soil test was finally, finally submitted late last week.

I updated our spreadsheet with the today's tomato plantings. We're managing 20 seedlings in the front yard and a whopping 56 in the back yard. Yikes!

On a side note, I was able to identify the plant with no tag that has a tomato on it – Yellow Perfection.

While I had our tomato listing intact it still took a couple of hours to prepare the spreadsheet for 2010. I believe that is fully ready to go.

Also, I've started the documentation of our 2010 tomatoes – getting the information off of the tags or labels on the tomatoes. A couple have already been lost but I'll do my best to capture as much information as possible.

This morning I noted that Violet Jasper has a growing tomato on it.

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