Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wife Shows Blooming Garden; Patio Has A Tomato On It

As we had planned, my wife and I worked the TomatoMania event at the Larchmont Charter School. It was fun! At the event we met Tony and his wife, friends of Paula. Paula is a reader of this blog and responded when we gave away seedlings last year. She surprised my wife with a bunch of books to read in exchange for seedlings. Making friends through this blog!

Unfortunately, we won't have seedlings to give away this year. But we had made arrangements to acquire some tomato seedlings that Paula wanted and she was scheduled to come by and visit the next day, Sunday.

Her and Tony came by as planned and I can see why my wife liked her so much! Paula and Tony are just a couple of nice people who like to grow tomatoes as well. My wife showed her garden in full bloom except, of course, the tomato seedlings. I don't get that excited over a garden but it's hard to ignore dozens and dozens of blooming roses and hundreds of blooming irises. It's near spectacular.

We did go over the tomato seedlings, but they're still babies at this point. While going over the seedlings, I noticed that Patio has a growing tomato on it. As a side note, my wife planted a second Aunt Ruby's German Green in the “koi pond” on Saturday. So we provided seedlings and Paula supplied enough books to keep my wife busy for a year. I hope our seedlings do the same!

My wife indicated that I tend to talk loud when there is cross talk (My ears are getting bad...). Sorry Tony, sorry Paula!

We do have a few more seedlings to plant and my wife found spaces in the back yard to place them. But I didn't want to plant Sunday and couldn't on Monday night so it'll be later in the week before we get them in the ground.

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