Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pulled Out New Seedlings in "Koi Pond", Planted New Strains

My wife paid a visit to the “Tomato Lady of Beverly Hills”, had a fabulous time, and came home with more tomato seedlings. Her technique is similar to one we've seen on a tour of Beylik Farms in Fillmore, CA. My wife came away with new techniques and had a blast!

This lady has also made her own line of tomatoes. In order to plant them we decided to take out our seedlings that were just planted a couple of days ago. We planted Miss Elliotte Black, Persimmon (not this Persimmon, but a different strain with the same name), Garden Peach, Large Pink Anna, Large White, Babywine and Elliotte Rose Pink. If there's no link underneath the tomato in the last sentence, then it is a strain from the “Tomato Lady of Beverly Hills”.

We decided to do another tray of seedlings from scratch to see if we can get a late planting of our favorite tomatoes. I'll have to make more room in the yard somewhere, somehow.

Oh yeah, I've been meaning to report that we have a volunteer in the front parkway, near our water meter.

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