Monday, April 12, 2010

Planted 8 More Tomatoes

Friday evening I planted Sara Black and Azoychka in the back yard before the sun set.

That same evening my wife noted that our seedlings grown from seed are not doing well at all.

Saturday I worked the TomatoMania event in Fillmore. That event simply wiped me out.

Sunday I planted Toni's Round and Paul Robeson in the back yard. In the “koi pond” I planted Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge, Quedlinburger Fruehe Liebe (seedling), Black Krim and Kornesevsije (seedling). But my leg began to act up before I could complete the “koi pond” planting.

My goal was to plant out the “koi pond” with as many of our seedlings grown from seed as I could muster before the evening rains hit. The hope was to get them in the ground for nearly two weeks and then judge if they have taken hold. I'm due to work the TomatoMania event in Larchmont Village on the 24th of this month and if the planted seedlings didn't show growth, I'd replace them with seedlings from this event. But I only got two of them in the ground. I'll have to wait a couple of days for the ground to dry out before planting more.

Some of the plants in the ground simply look amazing, such as Gypsy and Japanese Black Trifele. One of our beefsteaks planted on March 3 is nearly two feet tall.

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