Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Planted 7 More Tomatoes In The Back Yard

Last evening we continued planting tomatoes.

My wife got an earlier start. By the time I made it home, several holes were dug in the area where we had recently pulled out the grass in the back yard. I helped out in planting seven more tomatoes in this space: Sweet Tangerine, Speckled Roman, German Orange Strawberry, Pineapple, Marianna's Peace, Black From Tula and Berkeley Tie-Dye Heart – all larger tomatoes.

However, we were both slowed down by pulling out pieces of asphalt about 8 – 10 inches in the ground. This was an area we hadn't “pecked” at before, so progress was more labored (literally) than yesterday's planting session.

After dinner I caged these new tomato plants, caged them, added tomato fertilizer and watered lightly.

I had remembered Weeping Charlie as one of the forgotten tomatoes planted on Monday night by the late afternoon, but couldn't think of the last one. A quick check indicated we had also planted Black Oxheart.

On a personal note, five years ago today I had elective orthognathic surgery on both upper and lower jaws. Due to a fall at 19 months from a top of a bunk bed, my lower jaw was malformed, causing several issues as I progressed through adulthood. I was a “sweller” after surgery – it wasn't pretty. Two and a half months of liquid diet, two months of a soft food diet. Three and a half months after that, my braces were removed. I went out on the first date with my wife the next day, knew I found a winner, and here we are today, married and planting tomatoes.

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